Grads & Undergrads: 2016-2017 Teaching Award Nominations (Fall Quarter)

It’s time for the first round of nominations for the 2016-2017 Department of Atmospheric Sciences Teaching Award! The award is a great way to let faculty and instructors to know you loved their class, so if you really appreciated your professor’s teaching or loved your time in class, you should definitely submit a nomination.

To nominate a professor, reply to the email thread sent out by Johannes Mohrmann with the name of the professor and optionally an explanation of why they deserve a nomination. All nominations are anonymous. Nominations will be accepted for this quarter through next week Wednesday (18th).

For those unfamiliar with the award, students (both grad and undergrad) are allowed to nominate one instructor per quarter. At the end of the year, the candidates with the most nominations over the whole year will appear on a ballot and all students will vote for a winner, to be announced at the spring social.

It takes less than a minute to nominate, so please show your love for your professors!


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