Undergrads: Spring Course – GEN ST 391 H

Spring 2017
GEN ST 391 H
“Undocumented Students Success & Career Development”
SLN: 21461
Credits: 2
Day/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30-3:20
Location: ECC, UW Seattle campus
Instructors: UW staff from Career & Internship Center (MGH) + Leadership Without Borders (ECC)

This class assists UW undocumented student’s (juniors & seniors) exploration of career options and development of career and job search strategy.  General Studies 391 H (“Undocumented Students Success & Career Development“) (SLN: 21461) , is a 2-credit class graded credit/no credit where students attend two 50-minute classes each week. This course is designed for students who have earned roughly 90 credits or more. No pre-requisites are required.

This class is offered to help empower undocumented UW students to explore careers and expand job search skills.  We’ll start by helping students identify strengths, skills, values, and interests to develop a career strategy. Additionally, students will work on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and digital portfolios.

Whether students are preparing to launch careers or applying to graduate school, this class will help in planning how to successfully transition into the next phase of their educational and professional journey.

For more info please contact Patrick Chidsey in the Career & Internship Center ( chidsey@uw.edu ).


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