Undergrads: Career Event Career Panel – Next Wednesday at 2 p.m. includes Atmos grad

Please join us for the Engineering and Tech Careers for Environmental Majors Career Panel!

Join us next Wednesday afternoon, February 22, at 2 p.m. (right after the Environmental Career Fair) in the UW Career Center (Mary Gates Hall, room 134) to hear from College of the Environment alumni who have pursued careers in engineering or technology fields. Please feel free to invite any friends who may also be interested in this panel. RSVP

Meet the Panelists:

SCOTT WINGES, Senior Associate, Ramboll Environ
BS Atmospheric Sciences
Minor in applied mathematics

Ramboll Environ strives to create progressive solutions to environmental issues that balance human and commercial needs.  As part of an Environmental consulting firm, Scott’s work greatly varies depending on the projects he picks up.  Generally, he works in the air dispersion modeling field where he provides insight and solutions to industrial facilities and government agencies regarding human health implications of air pollution.  The knowledge obtained from his undergraduate education in atmospheric sciences and applied math at UW is consistently useful in a large portion of his work: from mathematical modeling of complex air fields to using chemistry (pv=nrt!) to estimate pollutant emissions from combustion turbines

ALEXANDRA RUSSELL, Submersible Pilot/Technician, OceanGate, Inc.
BS Oceanography with Ocean Technology emphasis
Minor in marine biology

OceanGate, Inc. provides manned submersible services and solutions for exploration, research, and responsible commercial activity. Alexandra’s primary job at OceanGate is to pilot and maintain the manned submersibles, Cyclops 1 and Antipodes. She has utilized her knowledge of ocean technology and engineering gained through her educational and professional experience to assist in the fabrication of an operational platform for Cyclops 1 and various components for the submersibles and support assets. Her responsibilities also include operating support vehicles and providing diver assistance for operations and expeditions.

LUKE FISHER, Visual Data Specialist, Randstad (Contracted to Google)
BS Earth and Space Sciences: Geology
Minor in environmental studies

As a contract employee at Google, Luke processes LiDAR data generated through the self-driving car project. His team tests and performs quality control on new software tools developed by Google Engineers. As a more experienced team member, Luke spends a great deal of time helping train new-hires and working to streamline the data processing pipeline. The Visual Data Specialist role builds on the geospatial and technology skills that he learned at UW in class and as a research assistant. The flexibility of contract work means that Luke was able to network and apply for graduate programs, he intends to return to school in the fall.


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