Grads: Spring quarter course – ESS 590B A Survey of (Python) Programming Applications and Numerical Methods

ESS 590B: Geospatial Analysis for the Earth Sciences – A Survey of (Python) Programming Applications and Numerical Methods Spring 2017 MWF 12:30-1:20, 4 credits

Course Summary: This course provides a survey of advanced approaches to geospatial analysis for the earth sciences.  Though the course material partly encompasses elements of GIS and GIScience, we will delve in greater detail into the numerical methods used to analyze spatial pattern.  Topics and applications will at least in part be determined by the students’ interests, but may include elements such as the following: three-dimensional surface/subsurface analysis; hydrologic routing and modeling; inclusion of spatiotemporal change in understanding geomorphic processes (e.g., changes in vegetation structure over time and implications for landslides and erosion); image (e.g., from remote sensing) classification methods and pattern analysis; and general spatial modeling.  Discussion of geospatial statistics, with a particular emphasis on geostatistical methods such as kriging, will also be included.

Our approach to the subject matter will emphasize extensive hands-on learning.  In particular, most of the work in the course will revolve around use of the Python programming language, an accessible, high-level language that is becoming increasing prominent in such geospatial software as ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine, as well as in much open-source geospatial analysis in general.  Students will first learn the basics of Python, and then will cover the fundamental data structures and numerical methods necessary for geospatial analysis.  Course structure will consist largely of computer lab work, combined with a mix of instructor and guest lectures and special-topic video lectures.

Intro-level GIS (e.g., ESS 420) or more required.  For more information and/or registration add-code, contact Steven Walters, Senior Lecturer in ESS,


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