Undergrads: College of the Environment Scholarships due March 27

The College of the Environment is currently accepting undergraduate scholarship applications.

To apply, you will need to:

1)      Have a current FAFSA or WASFA form on file with the Office of Financial Aid

2)      Complete the Scholarship Application Survey 

3)      Submit the following to the Scholarship and Funding Committee Dropbox 

  1. Unofficial transcripts from UW (please also submit community college/HS transcripts if at UW less than 2 quarters as of Spring 2017)
  2. Personal Statement (1-page maximum) that indicates in the header which scholarship(s) you are applying for and includes the following separate sections:
  3.          Statement of Academic and Professional Goals: Please include your intended major if you are undeclared. Please describe your academic and professional goals. Comment on your progress towards completing course requirements for your major/degree. Describe any other relevant experiences that have influenced your academic path.
  4.       Statement of Financial Need: If applicable, please describe circumstances creating financial need and the impact of the scholarship on your annual financial need.

Apply by March 27, 2017 to be considered for these scholarships:

  • College of the Environment Scholarships – open to all College of the Environment students
  • Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship –  open to students pursuing an Oceanography or Aquatic & Fishery Sciences major
  • Yakama Nation Endowed Fund for Student Support – open to any Yakama Nation tribal member who is a student in the College of the Environment


Details can be found at: https://environment.uw.edu/students/student-resources/funding/scholarships/

Questions? Contact coenvaa@uw.edu


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