Undergrads: Spring IWP Courses & Linked Lectures with Seats Remaining

There are several Interdisciplinary Writing Program (IWP) courses offered in Spring. Listed below are instances where there is still space in both the linked lecture course and the writing seminar, so if you are interested in these fields and in need of a “C” or “W” course, please check out these offerings:

  • AES 151, Identities, Culture, and Power Across American Ethnic Groups and ENGL 198 A
  • PSYCH 101, Introduction to Psychology and ENGL 198 (multiple sections)
  • ASTR 150, The Planets and ENGL 199 B
  • ENGL 202, Introduction to the Study of English Language and Literature and ENGL 297 A
  • ANTH 269, The Culture and Politics of Pop Music and ENGL 198 D
  • CHEM 221, Principles of Chemistry III and ENGL 299 C

Any questions can be directed to crmatthe@uw.edu.


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