Grads: Spring Course – URBDP: Land Use and Transportation Policy

Land Use and Transportation Policy

Spring 2017
Professor: Daniel Carlson
Time: Monday 10:30a-1:20p
Location:  Gould 208J
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Course Overview and Objectives

Ever wonder why you’re stuck in traffic? Why it costs more to take transit in Seattle than Los Angeles? How to get people out of cars and onto their feet or bicycles? What’s the difference between mobility and accessibility? Before you start crafting solutions or reinventing the wheel, consider taking this course.

It provides historical and theoretical context for a fuller understanding of federal and local policies regarding land use and transportation as well as a range of public policy options which influence how metropolitan areas grow and how people move around. We will concentrate on the central Puget Sound as the metropolitan context and Cascadia as the regional context for exploring land use and transportation interactions and the development and implementation of policy. We will analyze a big project—the Alaska Way Viaduct replacement—as an example of transportation/land use interactions. And will examine the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Transportation Futures Task Force report utilizing theories and knowledge acquired from the course.

The course involves writing, discussion, and presentations by students and guests.

Objectives for the course are for students to gain an understanding of:

  • The ways in which land use and transportation interact
  • The nature of competing objectives in land use and transportation policy
  • The assessment of alternative strategies for achieving policy objectives
  • The implementation and evaluation of land use and transportation policy

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