Grads: Turbulent Flows in Climate Dynamics, Les Houches, France, August 2017

Fundamental Aspects of turbulent flows in climate dynamics
July 31August 25, 2017
Les Houches, France

The deadline for applications to the summer school and for financial support is approaching: March 15, 2017.

The summer school will take place in the beautiful resort of Les Houches, in the French Alps, and will focus on four themes, each to be covered in one of the four weeks of the school: ocean dynamics, large-scale atmosphere dynamics, clouds and convection, and turbulence theory/dynamical systems approaches. Overviews over these themes will be provided by the principal lecturers Paola Cessi, Henk Dijkstra, Stephan Fauve, Raffaele Ferrari, Isaac Held, Caroline Muller, David Romps, Ted Shepherd, and William Young. In addition, there will be 10-12 seminars by invited speakers on current research in these areas.

The summer school is aimed at graduate students and early-career researchers in physics, (applied) mathematics, engineering, the climate sciences, and related fields. A background in climate dynamics is helpful but not necessary. Summer school participants will interact with each other and with the principal lecturers, visitors, and staff in daily journal clubs and research meetings.

Limited funds for students and early-career researcher to support participation in the summer school will be available. More information on the school can be found at

Freddy Bouchet, Tapio Schneider, and Antoine Venaille (organizers)


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