Undergrads: University of Washington Orchestras – opportunity to join

We are recruiting students, faculty and staff for the two Campus Philarmonia Orchestras for the upcoming Spring Quarter. Currently, the orchestras consist of members from different departments such as Engineering, Sociology, Physics, Languages, Aeronautics, and many more. Our goal is to share the possibility of joining our orchestras to as many as possible. Lately, we have discovered that the students who joined CPO wished they had known sooner that these orchestras existed and that they would have joined since their first year.

These orchestras perform once per quarter at Meany Center for the Performing Arts. Our next concert will be on Sunday May 21, at 3pm.

There are TWO Campus Philarmonia Orchestras – there is no fundamental difference between them- they meet for rehearsals at different times and locations on Tuesday evenings to help accommodate students’ schedules. Registration is required for students (1-credit, 200 level class); auditions are optional. Students interested are welcome to email me at lgpg@uw.edu.

The schedule and repertoire of the orchestras are:

Campus Philarmonia Orchestra A – Tuesday 6-8 pm (Grieg Symphonic Dances and Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2, mvt. 1)

Campus Philarmonia Orchestra B – Tuesday 7-9 pm (Beethoven Prometheus Overture and Tchaikovsky Mozartiana)



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