Undergrads: Phillip Yin & Friends American Dream Foundation Scholarship – deadline 4/19

Open to undergraduate students in all field.  Applications are currently being accepted for the Phillip Yin & Friends American Dream Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship program will provide 5 scholarships of $1,000 each to undergraduate students this year.

The Phillip Yin and Friends American Dream Foundation (PYFADF) was founded on the belief that every student should have the opportunity to fulfill their educational goals. As an alumnus of the University of Washington, Phillip Yin started the Foundation to help motivated students by sharing a part of their financial burden associated with going to a university. The PYFADF provides scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students with demonstrated passion and purpose, civic engagement and leadership, and strong communication skills who are able to provide a compelling story told in both an essay and a short video. Scholarships can be used toward tuition or related educational expenses such as books, lab fees, cost of living and others.  This scholarship is open to undergraduates in all disciplines.

Learn more at http://expd.uw.edu/expo/scholarships/pyfadf and apply at https://expo.uw.edu/expo/apply/465. Deadline to apply: April 19, 2017.


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