Undergrads: Class of 2016 Impact and Diversity Scholarship

NEW: Class of 2016 Impact and Diversity Scholarship

Each year University of Washington seniors collaboratively decide upon a gift that will leave a legacy that honors their graduating class and its values. In 2016, the UW Seattle graduating class created a fund that would provide scholarship support for a student who is making positive changes in the UW community and greater Seattle area in ways that foster diversity and encourage student involvement. Given the Carlson Center’s rich history of community engagement, and on-going commitment to equity, the Class of 2016 selected the Carlson Center to administer this funding. This year’s scholarship recipient will be selected based on the strength of a proposed or in progress community engagement effort that celebrates and promotes diversity and encourages student involvement. The selected student will receive an educational stipend of $1800 to support their community engagement during the summer (or a clearly articulated planning process for a fall project) and are supported throughout the summer through workshops and advising with a graduate student mentor. Please note that this opportunity is limited to students at the UW Seattle campus.

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