Undergrads: Fall Quarter Community Literacy Program — English 498 + 491

English 498B + English 491B = the Community Literacy Program that serves as a bridge between undergraduate and Teacher Education Program curriculum, and includes an internship working with public school students and teachers as you complete your undergraduate degree.

In English 498B (5 credits) students meet twice weekly on campus (TuTh 10:30-12:20) in a writing-intensive capstone seminar focused on building community, understanding equity and difference, working effectively with each other and with K-12 students, exploring central challenges and opportunities for transformative public education, and examining the role of mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence in learning.  Students gain skill and confidence in using writing, discussion and presentation to develop and share their thinking, and to relate class and internship experience to their academic, personal, civic and career goals.   All major writing assignments are discussed in conferences with the instructor, training in relevant research methods is provided by UW Education librarians, and a final career-related assignment is taught in partnership with the UW Career Center.

In English 491 Internship (3 credits) students gain K-12 classroom experience and mentoring, and put what they learn on campus into action in a partner “high needs” public school setting (4 hours a week, on a flexible schedule you arrange). Placements are available in elementary, middle and high school classrooms. English 491 may be used toward the field work or elective requirement for the Education, Learning and Society (ELS) Minor, and as documentation of school-based work for applying toTeacher Education Programs.

For add codes and with questions: contact instructor Elizabeth
Simmons-O’Neill, esoneill@uw.edu


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