Grads & Undergrads: Seattle MESA Service Learning Opportunity

Great service learning opportunity below for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a STEM or Education degree. Students will develop leadership skills, earn additional elective credits towards graduation, and serve underrepresented, marginalized high school students. No Experience Required!

Undergraduate/Graduate Students:


It is already time for you to register for Autumn quarter.  Seattle MESA would like to invite you to make a difference next quarter in a high school student’s life.  We are recruiting UW students for our tutoring program. The courses are listed under the College of the Environment as follows:

  1. C ENV 420 A:  M 0430-620 BAG 106
  2. C ENV 420 B:  T 1130-120 BAG 108
  3. C ENV 425 A:  TBA
  4. C ENV 420 and 425 AA – AF (Tutoring Sections): TBA

If you are a dynamic student that has a passion for tutoring STEM subjects and a desire to help a high school student in his/her math and/or science class, this program is for you.  If you are interested or have any questions please contact Dr. Gregory King at or (206) 685-7907.

Some benefits to the program are:

  • Earn up to 10 elective credits
  • Develop your teaching/training skills
  • Build confidence in your STEM subject area
  • Work with other great volunteers
  • Positively motivate and mentor a student
  • Plus, MESA provides the transportation so you don’t have to drive your car, ride a bike or take the bus.

Join Seattle MESA’s Tutoring Program today!


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