Undergrads: Navy Career Day/Informative Career Fair: 11/7 10am-4pm HUB

There is an upcoming event being held at the University of Washington HUB. It is an informative Career Fair for the United States Navy intended to promote interest and understanding of what the United States Navy does on a daily basis around the globe. It is also intended to provide students with information on how to secure employment and a career in the Navy. The intended audience is students in pursuit of, or who possess,  a bachelors degree, especially those who are STEM heavy. Also, nurses and doctors, lawyers and other professionals are encouraged to attend. If you would please pass this information on to your faculty and staff to pass on to the student population.

When: 07NOV2O17
Where: The HUB building in the Lyceum
When: 1000-1600

Further topics include scholarship opportunities and pay and benefits while in school.

Join us for lunch from Round Table Pizza. We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions please email me or you can call LT Cody Cartwright, US Navy Officer Recruiter directly at (206)-445-9156

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