Undergrads: CSE 120 CS Principles for non-majors

Why take a CSE course? 

  • Everyone should learn CSskills (“computational thinking”), regardless of major or career
  • This course fulfills NW and QSR credits!
  • This classes is much smaller than other intro CSE courses, and has strong course evaluations from past quarters
  • This course is designed for people with *zero* prior CSexperience. If you’re even a little curious about programming, data analysis, logic, or computational thinking, consider enrolling!
  • CSE120 gives a broad introduction to CS concepts. It’s not a programming course, though you will learn to use a programming language.


CSE 120, Computer Science Principles
MWF 2:30-3:20pm + TuTh Section (6 hours total)
5 credits of QSR and NW credit!

Not a programming course. No prior CS experience allowed. 🙂

This is a broad course that introduces a variety of CS-related topics, including:

  • logical reasoning and problem solving,
  • creating “digital artifacts” such as Web pages,
  • computers and data, and
  • the ethical, legal, and social aspects of information technology.

If you’re interested in computer science but have no prior experience, CSE 120 will give you a broad overview of many CS topics in a fun and interesting way!

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