Undergrads: Summer 2018 – Tutoring

Tutor K-12 students during Summer Quarter!

The UW Pipeline Project recruits, trains and places UW students as volunteer tutors in Seattle schools and community organizations. We are recruiting tutors for summer quarter to work with about 15 different summer K-12 education programs, and would love to have you!

We’ll help you get set up tutoring in a K-12 classroom or community organization.  Tutors make a minimum commitment of 20 hours over the quarter. The schedule is flexible, summer programs often need tutors Mon-Fri between 7:30 and 5pm.

Take an EDUC 401 Inner Pipeline Seminar Class for Credit:

Participate in a weekly Pipeline seminar and tutor for at least 20 hours over the quarter at a Seattle school or community organization! All of our courses are Credit/No Credit, are I & S credits, and are listed under EDUC 401. The number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. 2 credits: weekly seminar and 20 hours of tutoring over the quarter. Seminars are a fantastic opportunity to learn about issues in public education and tutoring strategies, while reflecting and learning from your tutoring site.
EDUC 401: Summer 2018 Seminar Spotlights:

EDUC 401A: Challenges and Opportunities in K-12 Education
Mondays 4:00 – 5:20PM (Full Term)
Participants in this seminar will explore the world of public education through weekly seminars and a tutoring practicum experience in local K-12 schools or community organizations. Both components will allow students to engage in critical reflection on some of the current issues in education at three different levels: local, national, and international. This seminar will challenge us to raise questions about the purpose and nature of education in an increasingly diverse, global society.

Sign up to tutor with the UW Pipeline Project! Seattle area schools are especially in need of college level tutors! Your skills are greatly appreciated!

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